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the one.

people may search all their life for the one person who makes them complete. I can only believe that i have been blessed because i found you so early in life. after all that has happened today and earlier this year but us still remaining true to eachother at the end of the day.. there are no words that can compare to when i hear you say “I love you Sam”. i feel like i  have never really known what it is to love. You’ve shown me such a deeper and truer meaning to “Love”. Love isnt something that can be shown. Love is something that can only be truly seen by the person who IS in love. Love is something that can be felt only by the two of them. and camille, i think its so clear to me that i am truly and fully in love with you. everything from the serious conversations that we can have to the silly fun times that we have on facetime. You’ve changed my life, broke down my walls that ive felt secured behind and showed me that “through the trust and the love that you held me with” i know i can trust you. I love you camille. 

Sleepless night..

Tonight I lay in bed uneasy… After letting my self open up all that I’ve been worried about these past couple weeks, i get worried about you. When we were on the phone I could tell that something was wrong from the start. I wanted to be your rock… I wanted to take care of you… And someday soon, I will take care of you. Even if its just for a couple days at a time. There was never a time since you went to BMT that I thought of not moving to you where you get based. And that remains true. Please trust me. Please believe in us. Please know that I will do anything to see you better and happy and have as little stress as possible. I’m sorry I’m like this right now… I’m just scared and wishing I knew how to make you feel better. Ill be by your side till it gets better. I love you Camille. No matter what happens…. Text me?

I just want you to know…

That when the going gets rough like we know it will… I WONT:

Avoid the talks
Blame you
Create pressure
Doubt you
Evade you
Forget the promises
Give up
Hold back my thoughts
Ignore the issues
Justify them as yours
Keep back my emotions
Move on
Need anyone else
Opinionate myself
Press the issue past its limit
Rest till you know I’m there
Stop trying
Think differently
Undermine our relationship due to it
Valk out on you
Wait out the issues
Xcept anything but my best
Yonder away from you
Zzzzz it all the way like its nothing


Amaze you with listening :P
Be there
Dream of the options
Find a way to figure it out
Give it all I have
Help as much as I can
Just cuddle
Keep by your side
Love you the way I always have
Make sure we see all sides
Never leave
Open up
Present myself as who I am
Queue up ideas
Remember the good times
Support you
Try with all I have
Understand things or try to
View the possible futures
Xcept what I have to do
Yeld when needed to be
Zzz with you if that is all we need

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